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There are many factors you should consider when purchasing any product or service, and insurance is no different. Here are a few of the things you should consider when purchasing automobile insurance.

  1. Don’t base your decision on price alone. Base your decision on value – what you get for what you pay. Consider the quality of the company’s claims service, consumer education and most importantly, Customer Service.
  2. Purchase the amount of liability coverage which makes sense for you. The minimum required by law is seldom sufficient to cover your losses and protect your assets.
  3. You should decide which optional coverage’s you want. For example, do you want optional physical damage coverage’s or is the market value of your car too low to warrant purchasing them. Get a full explanation from your agent or prospective agent. You deserve to know exactly what you are purchasing.

If you shop around, be careful to make sure each insurer is offering the same coverage. Some insurers will reduce or even remove certain coverage’s in order to make the policy look cheaper, so that you'll buy it. It's in these times where we need to remind ourselves that cheaper does not mean better. The best advice is to compare before you buy your new policy and make sure you received the coverage you wanted before canceling your old policy.

A number of factors can affect the cost of your automobile insurance - some of which you can control and some which are beyond your control. The type of car you drive, the purpose the car serves, your driving record, and where you live all affect how much your automobile insurance will cost you. Even your marital status can affect your cost of insurance. Statistics show that married people tend to have fewer and less costly accidents than do single people.

Look for any discounts you may qualify for. For example, many insurers will offer you a discount if you insure multiple cars under the same policy, or if you have had a driver education class in the last five years. Be sure to ask us about discount plans.

Another easy way to lower the cost of your automobile insurance is to increase the deductible. Simply raising your deductible from $250 to $500 can lower your premium sometimes by as much as five or ten percent. However, you should be careful to make sure that you have the financial resources necessary to handle the larger deductible.

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