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Boat Insurance Information

A boat owners policy can insure you against many of the risks that come with owning and operating your boat, as well as it’s motor and trailer.

These may include:

  • Sinking
  • Fire
  • Storms
  • Theft
  • Capsizing
  • Stranding
  • Collision
  • Explosion

The property coverage includes equipment that is permanently attached to the boat as well these items and others:

  • Anchors
  • Oars
  • Electric trolling motors
  • Additional fuel tanks
  • Tools
  • Detachable canopies
  • Detachable Seat cushions
  • Life preservers
  • Skis and tow ropes
  • ?Dinghies

Boat Owners Liability Coverage can also protect you against lawsuits, if you injure someone with your boat or damage their property.

Boat liability coverage provides protection for legal liability because of an accident resulting from the ownership, maintenance, or use of your watercraft, including bodily injury, property damage and legal defense.

Boat medical payments coverage pays medical expenses up to the limits in the policy for you, your resident relatives and other occupants of the boat injured by an accident arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of the watercraft.

Additional Boat Coverage’s May Include:

Newly acquired watercraft covers your newly acquired watercraft for damage caused by an insured loss. Must be replacing the existing insured boat and all boats owned need to be insured.

Reasonable repairs covers repairs incurred to protect covered property from further damage.

Emergency service pays up to $500 for reasonable costs that you incur resulting from specified emergency service to your boat, motor or boat trailer.

Wreck removal pays the reasonable expenses you incur for any attempted or actual raising, removal or destruction of the wreck of your boat when damage is caused by an insured loss and removal or destruction is required by law.

First and foremost, choose a policy that best fits your boating needs. Some factors that can influence your premium:

Cruising area -- Where you cruise and when. It costs more to insure a boat in coastal waters than inland lakes and rivers, especially in areas exposed to hurricanes.

Boating safety education -- You'll receive a discount if you complete a safety course that's been approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) or the Coast Guard course line.

Good driving records -- Premium discounts are applied for clean driving records because usually if you are responsible behind the wheel of your automobile, you will also be responsible at the helm of your boat.

Liability limits -- The higher the limit, the higher the cost.

The size of your deductible -- The higher your deductible the lower your premium.

Keeping your boat out of harms way -- Maintain your boat in a particularly secure location - secure from extraordinary weather patterns such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, etc. and/or secure from theft or vandalism. Catastrophic loss from weather or thieves is a significant cost factor in boat insurance.