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Paloma is very attentive with all clients.  I will recommend friends and family due to her amiability.  She is 100% great.  Thanks Paloma.

I usually don't write reviews but this one deserves a positive review.
First off, I've been with StateOne for many years and I wouldn't have stayed this long with them if it wasn't for an amazing customer service from Brenda Tapia! She remembers you without skipping a beat. She's lovely to talk to and she makes the entire experience... just worth it. If there are more people like her in this world, this world would be a little bit more pleasant. Thanks for being amazing, Brenda!

Brenda Tapia has been the most delightful insurance person I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. She is always cherry and polite.
She really knows the insurance business well.

We have been with Stateone Insurance for over 10 years because of the exceptional staff and customer service. Tom and MaryAnn are wonderful and their team is amazing. 

Amazing staff!  

Wonderful experience.  First time stopping by and Sara made it very welcoming and personal which made us feel happy.

Sara was most helpful with the annual renewal and also with a copy of the declaration.  Very efficient and understanding.

I've been with StateOne Insurance for many years.  They are always helpful, and their customer service is amazing.  I highly recommend them to everyone I know.

I've been with this company for many years now and they have always given me top level service with the LOWEST price for auto insurance. I purchased a new car and it only took one simple call to have my policy changed and a new ID card e-mailed to me instantly . Marta at this office is always helpful and makes everything easy.

Thank you!

Excellent Service -- Consistently

I have been a State One customer for 12 years. Tom and MaryAnn Lucas and their staff is nothing short of excellent. I now have all my insurance coverage -- multiple autos and homes -- with State One. They have always provided the most reasonably priced coverages along with excellent service. It is always a pleasure to walk in to their office since I feel like they always care about whatever issue or question I may have. All their staff members are always very polite and very helpful. Saracelia is the one that I deal with the most and she is just plain "second-to-none". I can always count on her to take care of whatever issue I may ever have; she is extremely responsive to all my questions and/or needs related to my insurance coverage. I have recommended State One to friends and family members and have never heard anything less than positive feedback about their experience as well. I recommend Tom Lucas and State One highly and without any reservation.

I've dealt with many customer service reps, and Brenda is one of the best!!  She is very pleasant to speak with and upbeat and willing to help.   Just excellence all around!!!

I have been with StateOne for several years now and I only have praises and positive words for their customer service and level of expertise. Marta is not only my agent but I would also consider her a friend. We have spent many conversations discussing our personal lives and not only is she an incredibly caring individual but she is great at what she do. Over and over again, Marta has always found a way to find decrease my automobile and homeowner insurance policies. She is tenacious and will not stop until she finds you the best deal and/or coverage. Even though I do not live in the Moorpark area anymore, I will never leave StateOne. As long as Marta works there, they can count on me to be a customer for life. Don't shop around anymore. StateOne cares and will have your best interest in mind....always. Satisfied is an understatement....

I am a customer at State One Insurance in Moorpark CA they are  all always fast in getting all of my Insurance needs taking care of. If you need any kind of Insurance at all they can get it done fast and also very reasonable rates.

Our family has our home and car insurance with Tom Lucas State One Insurance Company. All of the office members are amazingly helpful. Anytime I've had any additions and/or changes, they have all been extremely accommodating. Marta just changed our auto insurance for a new vehicle. I got the proof of insurance and pricing immediately. Great rates and speedy service. Thank you!

I've been with Tom and Co for several years now, personal vehicle, business vehicle and business liability insurance. Tom and his crew are always there to answers questions and help. I highly recommend giving him a call. Friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

I called StatOne insurance and let Marta know that I was unhappy that Mercury raised my premium. Marta listened and carefully empathized with me and then took action.  After a quick audit of how I was using my vehicles and who was driving them she was actually able to save me money while keeping my coverage the same.  Hats off to Marta on a job very well done. Another great reason to keep my business local!
Thank you Marta and StateOne insurance

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